Dr. Frank Roach
Norcross, GA

When I came across Web Marketing after about I think I’ve been online marketing for 2 years and I got with Web Marketing and we started promoting my implants aspect of my practice. I was placing 2, 3 implants a month with then starting with Isaac. I think I went my second month promoting my marketing for implants with them I think I hit 15 implants that second month if I remember correctly.I remember talking to my dad one time because that was the first time I ever got up into the 80’s and I was so excited with that I was like dad you know I’m going to do 82 grand a month that hits me right about a million dollars. I still remember that conversation he was like that’s really good, nowadays if I hit 82 I’m pissed. Now I’ve been with Isaac now like going on for 3 years now like we hit we get up to 160 we had some 150’s I placed. My practice right now is predominately implants. I would say its 75% of my practice.

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